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Eat, drink and be merry, it’s good for the soul

Broadwater Warren

Eat, drink and be merry this Christmas, it’s good for the soul

I have had a few big nights out this month.  Weekends where I’ve not had enough sleep and have had too much alcohol.  I’ve also laughed a lot, re-bonded with good friends I haven’t seen in a while, and danced like no one is watching.  I have had a brilliant time with my friends and family, and we’ve not even got to Christmas yet.  Many personal trainers may frown upon this and think I should be spending hours down the gym, training hard to make up for a ‘bad’ few weeks.  But I believe in balance and doing things that make you feel good.

I fundamentally believe we should enjoy the opportunities to socialise and have fun that are on offer at this time of year, and not to feel guilty about it. Personally, it’s great for my mental wellbeing.  I get energised from being around other people, I get inspired by my friends and family, and I enjoy the opportunities to connect.

I won’t feel guilty and beat myself up about this, or tell myself I’m ‘bad’ for having a glass of wine (or more).  It won’t make me feel any better and it will probably send me into a negative headspace. I haven’t been ‘bad’, I have been human and enjoyed myself.

But, too much of anything doesn’t make you feel great.  So, what I have done is look for the opportunities to balance out the excess, and not punish myself with negative self talk for ‘failing’.

My big focus has been to be as active as possible, as I know this is what makes me feel good.  I move outdoors every single day, whether that’s for a walk, or a run or a jog with the dog. In doing this I am ensuring I keep myself energised, trying to not to get too sluggish, de-motivated and lethargic.  Being outdoors, and being in nature inspires me.  I am lucky to live in Tunbridge Wells and have access to so much beautiful countryside.

I know everyone is different, and some Personal Trainers would disagree with me, but this is what I have been doing this month.

It is working for me now, and I shall continue focusing on the things I’ve listed below, throughout the Xmas/NY period.  It ensures my energy is high, and my mindset positive and productive.

  • Get outside every day, look up and breathe in the fresh air. I am mostly running but even a 30-minute march makes a difference.
  • Hydrate – I find it hard to drink enough water but hydrate with herbal tea. I am drinking numerous pots a day of Tulsi tea with Holy Basil at the moment.   I buy it at the fabulous Botanica in Rusthall  botanicahealth.co.uk .
  • Be conscious of how I am eating outside of the socialising. The principles of the 80/20 rule still apply but it has slipped to 70/30, for now.

Live in the moment and enjoy the indulgences now, but be mindful of what makes you feel good.

It won’t be long until January and then I’ll be cutting back on the ‘fun’.  I’ll still be focusing on doing things that make me feel good, it’s just these things will be kinder to my body.

Merry Christmas


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