Empowering Women to Enjoy Movement

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If you’d like to move with me, there are a number of ways to do so. 

Group Sessions

Group Classes: Small group, friendly bodyweight classes to get fit in the fresh air.  These are simple but highly effective classes with a real sense of support and community from the group.

Boxing Classes: Small group classes partnering up for boxing and pad work combined with strength and cardiovascular exercises to challenge your body and mind. These are fun, high energy classes but still suitable for any ability.

Small Group PT & Coaching Courses: 8-week courses to physically energise you, eat well and make positive lifestyle choices.

Personal Training

Personal Training: Bespoke exercise sessions. We meet up and get moving, improving your fitness, strength, and activity levels, always working towards a specific goal.

Personal Training and Coaching: You will receive the benefits of a great exercise programme but we dedicate specific coaching time to ensure you make sustainable changes for a healthy active life.

Boxing Training: One to one sessions learning or developing your boxing skills and fitness.

Enjoy Movement