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Group Movement

Energise and Renew 8-week course – JANUARY 2019


Monday mornings 10.15am – 11.45am for 8 weeks at The Pavillion, Nevill Cricket Club, Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells. EARLY BIRD OFFER FOR REGISTRATION BEFORE 14TH DECEMBER (10% OFF).

“This course has been a real eye-opener! For the first time in my life, I feel I have the tools to stop the yoyo dieting and live a balanced, healthy life. Carole really understands women and listens to you in order to help you make positive, sustainable changes for the better. Thank you Carole!”

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Develop a positive, effective and consistent relationship with exercise and food
  • Improve your fitness and strength and feel amazing
  • Increase your energy and general wellbeing

I help women form positive, consistent and sustainable relationships with food and exercise. I understand how difficult this can be if you’re short on time and lack the motivation to do it alone.

I have created this course to help and support you, and a small group of like-minded women, make changes to your lifestyle. We will meet up once a week for a motivating and educational coaching session, followed by an exercise class that will focus on burning fat, building strength and flexibility and increasing your cardio fitness. You will also get a lot of support online throughout the week so you never feel alone and are held accountable.

Clients who have previously done this course have said:

“I have really enjoyed every aspect of this course. It has renewed my enthusiasm for exercise”

“Carole’s Energise and Renew course is brilliant for focusing the mind on all aspects of healthy principles and the group setting makes you accountable and makes it good fun too.

“Support when I have really needed it, particularly around food, has been excellent – thank you!”


If you’d like more information please just call, I’m always very happy to chat, with no obligation from you.

What’s included:

  • Weekly face to face exercise class (suitable for all abilities)
  • Weekly coaching sessions (maximum 6 people)
  • Lifestyle review and mission (goal) setting
  • Weekly topics, handouts and worksheets to directly support long-term behaviour change.

How are you supported?

  • You will benefit from meeting up with your peers and Carole Dowling once a week.
  • Membership to a secret facebook group set up just for this group. There will be a variety of free content to help you succeed. These include exercise videos to follow, recipes and food hacks, and general support, motivation and advice.

The cost of the course is £280, which can be paid in two monthly installments of £140. If you pay in advance for the whole course this price is reduced to £250.


Just Movement – Group exercise classes 

I run friendly, low impact, supportive and effective fitness classes. I encourage everyone, of all shapes, sizes and abilities to join me. If you’re just starting to think about getting fit, these classes are a great place to come, but everything can be adapted for whatever level you are at.

Classes are 30 minutes long for an energising dose of effective outdoor movement.

More classes are coming soon but the current schedule is:
Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club, Frant Road
Monday 9.15am – 9.45am
Thursday 9.15am – 9.45am

First class is free, £7 drop in after that. No need to book, please just turn up. Babies and children are welcome to watch.

The class is friendly, mixed ability and a great fun half hour. Being outside in the fresh air makes me feel awesome!

Just Movement – Boxing Workshops 

I run boxing workshops throughout the year, usually every 6-8 weeks.  These are suitable for all levels of experience and ability.  They are a great way to learn a new skill (and challenge your brain!), whilst getting stronger and fitter.

“Just back from Carole’s boxing workshop and completely high on endorphins!  Great start to the weekend!”

“Thank you Carole, for your enthusiasm and brilliant instructions.”


Group movement