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Movement is at the heart of everything I believe and do. It is the basis of a healthy life. I have many years experience as a personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells, using movement as the basis, coaching people to embrace a healthier life.

If you want to lead a healthy, balanced life, I offer a number of different options to help you.

I run simple and effective exercise classes where the focus is moving well and getting fit in a friendly, supportive, small group environment.

If you feel you need more support and want to make fundamental changes to your health, then my 8 week coaching courses are for you. You will enjoy moving, alongside me and a small group of people, who are probably just like you. We will also talk. I will support you in making practical changes to the food you eat and the way you live, so that you feel better.

If you'd prefer to go solo, I can create a plan just for you. I offer sessions that are just movement (exercise) focused to get you fit and feeling great. I also offer in-depth movement and coaching programmes, much like the group option above, but on a bespoke one to one basis.

Together we will establish the foundations of good health and wellbeing in a simple, effective, sustainable way.

No judgement, no pressure, no extremes, no diets or fads. Just movement, support, education, motivation and most importantly, enjoyment.

After just six weeks I feel that real progress has been made. I can see the results on the fitness side, but also feel better, more positive, more confident. I honestly think this is the best thing I could have done. – Chloe


Find out more about our Group Movement sessions.

Alternatively, our bespoke private sessions Private Movement sessions could be for you.

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